Until the Buildings Collapse

Video installation

The video installation focuses on the dynamics of heterosexual nuclear family within the confines of patriarchal capitalism.

Drawing upon the conventional division of house and home, this video work unveils the societal divisions of man and woman, husband and wife, father and mother and how individuals lose their agency within the familial vortex.


Video installation

The video installation explores the construction and deconstruction of identity, aiming to reflect on the purity/impurity of identity when it comes to culture, gender, sexuality, ideology, nationality.

Dichotomy is shattered when the impulse of blending in certain cultural and systematic settings is deconstructed and when the rhetoric of purity is stirred up into hybridity.


Video installation

Many faces many voices
Many opinions many tongues
Many differences entwined
Many puzzles interlocked
Many pieces overlapping
Story yet untold

Tsukina Waguma


Inspired by a Japanese tale, the film depicts the story of a brave one who treks into a mountain to bring back a hair from the throat of a crescent moon bear in order to make an antidote for her beloved.

From Here to There

Video installation

The two-channel video installation depicts the artist's mother's journey of reconciliation with detachment between the death and memory of her beloved. After her husband died, she went back to the exact spot where she and her husband took a memorable photo, and took a photo of herself.

What she did was an act to fold up space and time, and to create an alternative means of connecting reality and memory from which it radiates tremendous power to deal with love and grief.

Watching the watchers

Video installation

The project draws upon an Chinese proverb “螳螂捕蝉,黄雀在后” which translates literally to “The mantis stalks the cicada, [unaware] the oriole is behind [it]”, which refers to being so focused on immediate details that one doesn’t notice the bigger picture of the surroundings and neglects the potentially greater danger.

The video installation attempts to question and challenge the established perceptions in terms of ways of seeing and perceiving that have been taken for granted.